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Dr.Jigar  Gor’s –

Shree Madhav Smaranam

Ayurveda Clinic & Panchakarma Treatment Center

Narayan Complex, Near Old Bus-Stand,

At Post – Madhapar,  Ta. – Bhuj,  Dist.-Kutch

GUJARAT – 370020


02832 – 242272



Come With Prior Appointments

Monday to Friday –

09 : 00 am to 12 : 30 pm

04 : 30 pm to 08 : 00 pm



Dr.Jigar Gor Will be available at NAKHATRANA @

Dr.V.S.Rathod ‘s Hospital .One can meet with prior appointments


Dr.Jigar Gor Will be available  at Gandhidham @

Dr.Gandhi’s Surgical Hospital, Sector 1, Plot 52,

Behind Lion’s Club, Tagore Road, Near Oslo circle, Gandhidham.

One can meet with prior appointments


Find the location of  Our clinic on Google Maps –>>

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6 thoughts on “Contact us

  1. hello dear dr…..i am 28 years old and i live in nasik city maharashtra….i have sinusitus problem since childhood…and hairfall since 4years(male pattern) also i have a slipped disc since a year….please help me sir i really want to re gain my hair naturally if it,s possible….
    Thanx… .

    • hello Mr.Chothani….
      Ayurveda can do best for u, it have nice answer for ur all health problems.
      please contact me on my phone, the details r given below, refer the page—>>

      we will discuss on your problems and according to that i will suggest some best ayurveda medications.
      Take care.

  2. jigar sir , i am 20 years old…..i have itchy scalp with some dandruff which tends to break the hair…also i have an uneven skin tone on my face,black heads and some black spots…..will you please help me out ….waiting for ur reply sir….

  3. Hello Sir/ Madam,

    My wife is suffering from depigmentation of skin which started during her pregnancy. Initially Dr. confirmed that it is nothing but stretch marks but after delivery we were able to see clear white spots on her breast & lower abdomen. So we approached skin specialist who confirmed that these are not stretch marks but skin depigmentation.

    This problem has started from less than 1 year. Please see below medicines prescribed by Dr.:

    Tab Bandy Plus
    Tab Pigmento
    Tacroz 0.03% Gel
    Planentrex Gel
    Melanocyl Cream

    Since our baby is just 4 months old we cannot use cream or gel right now (due to breast feeding). She has been recommended to go for UVB Light treatment for few months (8-10 times a month).

    So below are my questions/ concerns regarding this:

    1) Can this disease be cured completely?
    2) How much time should it take to cure?
    3) Which treatment should be used for fast but permanent fix of this problem
    4) How can we ensure that this would not pass on to our child?
    5) What are the precautions to be taken to cure it soon?

    Please help with this as my wife is really very concerned with it.

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