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Dr. Jigar Gor 's Ayurveda Clinic in bhuj


Lose weight with Ayurveda Science

How to reduce weight?

This is the question asked by millions of people world over with the increasing menace of obesity. Every one seem to be targeted at weight loss- going on diet, exercising, adopting detox diets, fainting with nearly no food for days- and still regaining weight as soon as they resume their old food habits or stop exercising. Ayurvedic weight loss is a very scientific approach towards weight loss. It believes that every body has different constitution based upon three doshas- Vaata, Pitta and Kapha. Therefore, each body needs to take and avoid food items on the basis of their body constitutes. 

Diet and lifestyle that results in accumulation of fat.Other causes are-

* Lack of exercise and inactive lifestyle

* Sleeping in the afternoon

* High calorie intake or consumption of sweetened foods

Fat gets deposited in all living beings. Some amount of fat is necessary since it keeps the body moist, provides insulation from heat, protects bones from shock and stores energy. Excessive fat tends to accumulate mostly on the belly, hips and breasts. Left unattended, it leads to a vicious circle of inactivity. Obesity leads to further inactivity as obese individuals find it difficult to remain active.

How to Reduce Weight Naturally?Ayurveda advocates a realistic look at your body type when trying weight loss. It does not say to punish or devoid the body of its due nourishment ( as when we spend days together by just having three glasses of vegetable juice in a day). Ayurveda teaches to know one’s body then bringing all its systems in synchronization. It guides the mind’s and body’s ability to regulate themselves by calming the nervous system, enhancing the digestive fires, and regulating the storage of energy and fat.

Determination of the Appropriate Weight for Your Physique :
First issue to address is the realization that there are different healthy weights and builds for different people. Ayurveda has a deep understanding of body types or psycho-physiological constitutions. By nature different people have different builds, which are described as ectomorph, endomorph and mesomorph physiques. Some people will have heavier builds at a certain height than others. Heavy build individuals are still healthy at weights that would be unhealthy for individuals with a genetically thinner build constitution.
The main things to do when trying for weight loss include-
  • Eating according to body type- foods that are complementary to your body type.
  • Exercising- not only body but also the mind (that is exactly what we do when doing Yoga)
  • Discipline in eating habits- right quantity of food at right time.
  • Strengthening the digestive capability through food habits and exercise.
  • Using herbs and home remedies for weight loss (instead of anti obesity drugs that suppress hunge
Reducing Weight the Natural Way :

From the ayurveda point of view weight problems are not just a matter of eating too much. Being overweight, especially severe obesity is mainly a problem of the metabolism. This has to be changed in order to have really long lasting effects.
This explains why most weight control approaches fail. The reduction of weight mainly by reducing their food intake, hoping they thereby are achieving their target quickly. But just eating less alone does not solve the problem. Often even just the opposite is the case. No significant weight reduction takes place and after having completed the fasting regimen, weight is quickly gained again. All metabolic processes usually get weaker while fasting. In most cases of obesity the different metabolic functions have, however, to be strengthened for the nourishing values of the food to be fully assimilated by the different tissues of the body.Incompletely digested foods create toxins and impurities that are eventually absorbed, travel throughout the physiology and localize in tissues disrupting their function. This process is at the basis of a wide variety of complications in the overweight condition.

Ayurvedic diet for reducing weight takes into consideration the level of activity of the patient and then correlates it with basic nutritional requirements. The emphasis is on a balanced diet that includes food items from each of the groups, namely, milk, meat, fruit, vegetables and cereals. Avoid curds and prefer buttermilk instead. Allow an occasional treat but keep away from fatty and sweetened foods and drinks.

Small changes in lifestyles can go a long way in increasing physical activity. Climb stairs instead looking for the lift, walk down to buy groceries and bring children back home from school on foot. These provide healthy exercise without having to join a gym. Regular sexual activity too is a healthy exercise. Afternoon sleep is a big no-no in Ayurveda. It reduces the metabolic process of burning calories.

Here at our our clinic we provide in-detail diet chart according to body constitutes and Prakrutti of individuals. Along with that there are so many herbs and herbomineral combination( stated in ancient books like Charak sanhita, Bhaishajya ratnavali etc) available according to Diseases, Prakrutti and Body type. We do recommends  such combination, decoction that is developed by us from our experiences.

What we do for weight loss is—>>>

  1. Proper use of spices and cooking oils
  2. Herbal preparations for improving digestion
  3. Important differences in diet between breakfast, lunch and dinner
  4. A simple system to determine a balanced diet
  5. Digestion enhancing foods
  6. Digestion depressing food
  7. How to eat for maximum digestion
  8. Proper food combining to avoid indigestion
  9. Non-dietary regimens to improve digestive strength including specific yoga asanas and breathing techniques

Your Weight Loss Program gives you treatments for reducing the major sources of toxin accumulation:
EliminationRecommend elimination of impurities from the digestive tract before they have a chance to be reabsorbed into circulation.
MetabolismDietary and herbal recommendations help the body restore balance to metabolic processes that cleanse the physiology.
Circulation : Dietary, herbal and physical treatments like yoga asanas, massage and heat application are used in Ayurveda to remove blockages and open circulation

Panchkarma procedures are  very effective in such cases. We do recommends and perform such therapy for reducing the weight. Selection of Herbs in therapy is matters of experts.

Shirodhara —>> A Unique – Effective Panchkarma Procedure

Today’s fast developing world made man mechanical and workaholic. And tha is responsible fragmentation of human personality at several levels.

And so here at our clinic I find so many patients suffering from mental illness. As in such cases Ayurveda has much to offer to treat this highest ranking disorder nowadays.

Here I just discuss a one important aspect of treatment – Shirodhara.

The foremost sign of Mental – Psychiatric disorders are feeling of sadness and loss of interests, loss of concentration, Physical and Mental lethargy, Sleep disturbances, mental retardation, Gastric disturbances, and suicidal intentions.

Shirodhara  is a procedure wherein medicated oil, decoction, milk, buttermilk is poured continuously without interruption for a specific period of time.

It is best used in diseases of head and mental illness such as –

  • Psychosis
  • Epilepsy
  • Neurosis
  • Insomnia
  • Fainting
  • Mental retardation
  • Alcoholism
  • Headache
  • Immature falling of hair
  • All nervous system disorders
  • Scalp Psoriasis
  • Skin Diseases
  • Pittaj Rog

It is an external therapy and hence there are no chances of any side effects,

Continuous pouring of oil, on head for a specific period of time does practical results in all mental n Psychic disorders.

Continuous pouring medicated oil/milk/buttermilk in a relaxed and comfortable position has a effects which can be near compared to the cradling of a mother to her child. This acts as sedative and soothing effects to the brain and induces mental calmness.

The hyperactive cells are provided lubrication-nutrition and facilitate better working.  It also provides activation of cells by its medication –herb effects without irritation and harmful effects. And application of medicines also relieves skin disorder, makes hair strong n lively.

Here recommendation of time, Choice of Herbs and Medication is depends on diseases and on body constitutes of Patients.

But along with proper internal medication, Yoga and counseling, This Panchkarma Shirodhara externally makes very beneficial effects in mental n Psychic disorders.


Ayurveda – Caring & Curing Wisely

Ayurveda throws light on all aspects of life be it the daily routine of waking up in the Brahma Muhurta, personal hygiene, exercising, healthy food habits, or the herbs that have to be taken daily to boost our immunity.

Again, Ayurveda is like a finishing school that teaches us etiquette and manners, it instructs us to be kind to the poor and needy, and it imbibes into us the knowledge that even the tiniest of all creatures are created by God. In short, Ayurveda teaches us how to live.

The Tridosha theory in Ayurveda classifies all living beings into three main categories. The diagnosis and treatment of any ailment is based on this theory. All plants are medicinal. The properties and various uses of fruits, seeds, roots, leaves, meat, fish, and ayurvedically useful metals  are explained in detail. Interestingly, the whole herb, and not just its parts, is used for extraction and treatment. This accounts for the absence of side effects in Ayurveda medicines. The metals, too, are purified and used along with various herbs. so that there is no side-effects of them.

Panchkarma therapy is a unique healing and detoxifying method of Ayurveda science. This therapy eradicates the disease from its root cause and make the person healthy. More about Pachkarma therapy, you can read here in different posts…here is the link of it—>


Ayurveda texts provide detailed guidelines for a condition and its treatment. An intelligent physician must be able to diagnose the condition from the signs and symptoms, mental changes, and living conditions of the patient and offer treatment based on these findings.

Dinacharya and Ritucharya – this two concepts are dealing with prevention of diseases.

They (Aacharya- Scholars of Ayurveda) explain the activities and the habits we must follow on a daily basis and on a seasonal basis. Along with the season changes, changes also occur in our bodies as well as our minds. The texts give in detail the measures we should follow at that particular time or season. It feels as though one lifespan is not enough to understand this awesome Science. Since this science is very old, we may think that this won’t suit our modern lifestyle. But, come to think of it, the body structure and the function of all the organs are still the same. So the importance of daily exercising and body cleansing, and suggestions of covering the mouth while sneezing, as well as laughing heartily are still applicable to each and everyone in the world.

If we nurture a positive mentality towards the things that we don’t know well, and decide to delve more into Ayurveda science, we can be certain of tremendous improvements in the field of health science.

Ayurveda is best health science which not only cure the disease but also gives the knowledge to preserve the good health. It do both, CURE AND CARE ….!

Feel depressed in Rainy days?

The black clouds are in the sky, wind is blowing and atmosphere is cool..! Suddenly rain start pounding outside with flashes in the sky. Your wife or your friends may be like the atmosphere and demand to go for outing with you.

But what’s this???

You are feeling depressed….n you are out of mood??? Feeling lazy, or angry without any reason or you are not finding anything interesting???

Yes, may be this mood disturbance are felt by you due to disturbance of nature’s schedule or more precisely, your body till not get used to with new season and atmosphere.

Some people tend to feel serious and sudden mood change as the season changes, particularly in the monsoon where sunlight is low due to cloudy sky. A Sanskrit line I remember here, it says – “ तमसो मा ज्योतिर्गमय I  “  means, one is praying to god- let us move from deep darkness to light…!

Its human behavior or we can say its nature of human being to stay happy in light – sunny area. It’s not compulsory that every individual feel such symptoms, but now a day such cases are increasing. Here at our clinic we are treating such patients recently.

Now some researches also proved, that low sun rays or cloudy atmosphere in  leads to mood disturbances due to chemical imbalances in brain which leads to depression, Anger, loss of interests, low energy level, more craving of eating food, feeling sleepy whole day, Depression, stress, Headache, nausea  etc various mental problems. We can put all these symptoms under a Label as a “SAD”– Seasonal Affective Disorder.

Ayurveda have very good treatments for such problems. A proper counseling, social supports, Motivation, some herbal Medication according to body constitutes and Therapies like Shirodhara, Nasya and Abyang are very beneficial to such patients.  Yoga and Pranayam are beneficial for these people. Moreover, Ayurveda science suggests Rutucharya, a detailed topics is discussed on the “don’ts “ and ‘Do’s “ in the particular season. The behavior changes according to Rutucharya adjust your body and mind to that particular season.

Stress management can be done nicely by Ayurveda Science. Ayurveda can rebuilt your self esteem, and make you strong mentally as well as physically. So if you feel so in such atmosphere, consult your Ayurveda doctor, he will guide you and you will be no more SAD in such enjoyable season.

Ayurveda for Mental Disorders

Mental disorders is big disease dats increasing day by aday in human being…

In anger, our tongue works faster then our mind.

Mental disorders like Anger n etc can be associated with so many things, like work load, dis satisfaction, mental disturbances, fear, insecurities, insufficient sleep, emotional imbalance, financial problems, n so on…

Mental disorders/diseases is a kind of mental dis-comfort where person lost his/her control over mind..!

In our busy life style and hectic schedule, we r stressed a lot. We makes our schedule hectic and then join yoga n stress-nil classes. We going away from mother nature and so feeling dis comfort Mentally.

Well,Ayurveda is a best answer for such kind of Mental disorders. One need proper counseling with Ayurveda doctor first. Then According to the situation of body and mind, a Ayurveda physician recommends various herbal medicines as per body constitutes.

Some herbs like Brahmi, Jatamansi, Tagar, Sarpagandha and so many are beneficial, they acts very effectively n morever there is no side effects of Ayurveda medication as compare to morden.No sedation, no hang over etc.

Dont take any kind of medication directly from medical stores or by yourself. Because every person is different and the medication is different for everybody for same diseases also.

Some Panchkarma Therapies also beneficial here.Abhyanga, Shirodhara, Nasyam, Shiro abhyang with medicated oil are good for Mental disorders. Selection of herbs is very much important here. And that Ayurveda Physician can do only better way.

Here at our clinic we r solving such so many disorder by Ayurveda Therapies and medications very effectively.

Along with it, Pranayam, Yoga are good to boost up mind and Body. Regualr Yoga and deep breathing exercise  is good for man kind. A researches also proved that the animals who breath deep n slowly are living more years. yoga and Pranayam is part of Ayurveda, ancient text already said so many benefits of Yoga n all its postures.

At Home,a person can try  sesame or coconut oil massage. Try to take proper sleep in time, Do yoga- deep breathing practice everyday, Go for mini vacation with ur dear n loved one, Spend time n discuss your problem with your near ones, Spare some time for sports n recreation activities, Be punctual in ur schedule…n thus maintain your Mental health and your over all health as well…

Ayurveda Management for High Cholesterol

High cholesterol is medical condition in which there will be increased cholesterol levels in the blood. Cholesterol is beneficial for the body. However, an excess of it can clog the arteries and also lead to various heart diseases.

Cholesterol is available to us in two forms. High density cholesterol (HDL) and low density cholesterol (LDL). HDL is otherwise known as good cholesterol as it helps in carrying LDL to the liver where it is disposed of from the body. LDL in excess on the other hand, causes the arteries to get clogged and is also known as bad cholesterol. It is important to keep our cholesterol in check so that heart diseases can be kept in check.


for most people, a high-fat diet, obesity, a sedentary lifestyle, smoking, excessive alcohol consumption, bad life style habits  are the main causes.

One of the most common effect of high cholesterol is heart diseases which results due to blockage of the arteries of the heart.

Apart from taking medications for high cholesterol you need to have a diet which is low in saturated fat, high in fiber content.

  • Foods to avoid:

-Avoid fatty foods like milk products like ghee, butter, cheese,paneer.  

-Avoid oily foods like deep fried foods.

-Avoid bakery products like puffs.

-Avoid fast foods like pizzas, burgers.

-Avoid desserts like pastires, ice creams and sweets.

-Avoid use of ghee, vanaspathi.

-Fatty (saturated) foods- butter, cheese, curd, ghee and others

-Junk foods (oily and spicy foods) and carbonated drinks

-Red meat (lamb and beef) and yellow portion of boiled egg

  • Foods to take:

-Include lot of vegetables, greens and fresh fruits which is rich in vitamins and minerals.

-Include foods which have whole grains like brown breads, chappathis.

-Take more of fruit juices.

-If you are non vegetarian you can have lean meats like chicken, fish. Avoid mutton, kheema, pork.

-Whole wheat bread, corn, cereals, whole grains (millets, hominy)

-Fat free skimmed milk

-Vegetable oil- canola, olive and sunflower oil

Apart from medicines and dietary changes, ayurvedic remedies for cholesterol also hint at the fact that a healthy lifestyle is the key to a healthy heart.

Therefore, in order for the ayurvedic diet and medicines for cholesterol to work, one must quit smoking and drinking, get adequate sleep and finally exercise daily..


– Yoga such as padmasana, shalabhasana, and vajrasana

– Pranayam is very very helpful.

-Fast walking and aerobic

-The more physical activity you engage in, the more fat you burn and more reduction in cholesterol.

Ayurveda Panchkarma Therapy

– Panchkarma therapy of Ayurveda science in very useful in such cases.  If Proper therapy according to your body constitutes is done under Ayurveda doctor, surely it will lower your bad cholesterol.

Panchkarma is not a simple procedure, One have to follow Ayurveda doctor’s advice as per your Prakruti. Vaman, Virechan, Basti and Abhyang- Swedan is very beneficial. Though selection of herb and medication plays important role in such therapies.

Ayurveda Medications according to body constitutes internally can be very helpful.

So many herbs are there in ancient text which can eradicate bad cholesterol and make ur heart healthy.

  • Home made remedies

– Drinking coriander in water everyday helps in the reduction of cholesterol in the body. This regime must be continued for about a month. Then the cholesterol levels must be checked again.

– Boil a glass of milk with a piece of garlic in it. This will reduce the cholesterol and take care of cardiac pains. It has to be continued for a few days before the method begins to show its effects.

– Have cold hipbaths twice daily. These have been shown to have positive effects in the reduction of cholesterol when taken on a regular basis.

– A simple remedy is to have a single piece of garlic every morning. This takes time to show results, but the results are positive.

– Consume some almonds and walnuts on a daily basis.

As these are just a health tips, following the advise of your doctor in diet  is essential. Every body is unique Constitution and according to it one must consume herbs and medications.