First sign of Winter feels on the Skin

” Fog in the sky early in the morning…

droplets of fog makes good scenery on leaves….

If one get early, feels lil cold atmosphere…

But if get up at sun rise, feel good atmosphere…

Hunger strike properly n more in these days….

In Evening, it seems like 7:30PM but when we see watch its juz 6.15Pm….

….what all this?????????

Its the sign of changing SEASON….!

yeah….when winter comes we eel above all sign first…!

And along with all these, one more sign we feel on —>> SKIN.

yeah….we feel dry skin during the day, chopped lips….

itching…Dandruff…red n dry chicks…..cold n sinusitis….Headache…uffff…”

Well nature made our body such a way that changes of season comes directly first on skin (internal of external).

Generally we do lots of for our priceless skin. Like we apply sunscreen lotion, moisturizer, so many make parlors…facials…Face-packs….blah blah blah…!

so many advertises – recipes – formula for glowing good looking ageless skin…!yeah. Billions dolor market is only on skin products world wide.

Its juz because we are over and over enthusiastic, or i will say the word ‘POSSESSIVE’   for our skin. And generally we just take care of our skin of Face only. Because we all see the beauty from face….!

And this possessiveness for beauty is created by advertiser of so n so companies…!Constant advertises of the beauty products makes us giggling….n ultimately we buy the XYZ products for young fair ageless looking skin…! huh…!

Well one should keep the awareness of all body parts. Skin is the major organ of our body. And so many function done by skin itself….touch … sense…sex… maintain body temperature…feelings… sweating … Covering body parts …. n so on…!

So Care must be there. Care is essential for healthy skin.

But Skin will not be HEALTHY by juz application of various ointments or cream or oils…!

Ayurveda says,

When the inner side of your body is pure….What you look outside is reflection of inside. So if inner side is pure ,obviously outer side will be shining….!

Ayurveda not only recommends medication for skin but a GOOD LIFE STYLE to maintain good Health of Skin. If we r following some simple steps in our routine schedule, surely we will have good skin.

  • Foremost, a good diet:  A healthy diet leads to a healthy skin!

So many tips on Food is told by Ayurveda. Its the only science which says , eat food as a medication so that you will never need medication indeed. Healthy Food is very essential for health skin. In short i will tell that Consume rainbow of food. All colored fruits – vegetables n everything is needful for body.

  • Sleep :  You must sleep for eight or ten hours each night, because skin revives itself when you sleep.

With tension, worries, anxiety and depression, the skin become less active leaving your skin drier, fragile, prone to wrinkle, lines near the eyes and mouth and losing the youthful color and glow.

so for good skin one should do proper rest. And Rest during night is the ideal one. Sleep during day time is not so useful. One should avoid late night parties, as consumption of food n alcohol in late nights cause sever disturbances in body schedule.

  • Clean Bowels:  Elimination of toxins helps maintain healthy skin.

But one should not take purgative or laxative medication to clean the bowel. You should eat properly for good digestion, your habit and Lifestyle should be in proper manners. Consult us at our clinic for all kind of digestion problems.

  • Emotions:  Distress shows on the skin in an outburst of rashes or blemishes. So keep that anger in check! For this go for some good happy things that you like. Spend good time with your friends, Family and loved ones. Do what you like in life, ie swimming, photography, freak out or anything that makes you happy from routine boar schedule.
  • Exercise and Yoga :  Deep breathing exercises are a beauty treatment in themselves especially when you are filling your lungs with pure fresh air. Oxygen is vital to your skin and blood cel1s carrying both oxygen and nourishment are circulated to every part of your body including your skin. Do all types of Yogasana and exercise to make your healthy n skin toned.
  • Ayurveda and Panchkarma Therapy for Skin

Ayurveda said so many medication for different types of skin.

To know your skin type this post will be worth to read on my blog—>>>


When your skin type / diseases of skin  is decided, then Ayurveda doctor recommend you the Medication and Various Panchkarma Therapy.

Panchkarma therapy is detoxification therapy in which excessive toxins and and bad elements are removed from body.

In medication and Pachkarma procedure, selection of herb and procedure is matter of experts. And people who is expert and qualified can done it properly and give you the best results.

All this tips are for knowledge of you. Always seek Ayurveda doctor’s advise and know your Prakruti first. Have a happy n glowing skin….! 🙂


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