Overdoses of Multivitamin Supplements

The heading itself is little surprising for some people. yeah..isn’t it?

Is vitamin can cause toxicity???

Multivitamins are essentially preparations intended to supplement our diet with various nutritional elements including vitamin and minerals.

Multivitamin supplements are available in the form of tablets, powder, liquid, pastilles as well as injectable formulations. Basically multivitamins are vitamin supplement meant to cater deficiency of vitamin.

Nowadays its become a trend to consume some medication for better health. People are more conscious abt good health. Well its good to be healthy, but we should not be over cautious.

People develop a phobia (via some greedy doctors, health magazines n other media of health) that nowadays they are not getting enough vitamin n minerals and antioxidants in there food. So that they have to consume supplements.

As study suggests there is billion dolor network of health supplement and its market.Even some pharmacy is not registers also, but they are selling such supplements nicely.

So many health oriented advertise are coming in news papers now a days, which develops a phobia in us. We already suffering from tension, work load, mental stress and so on….Such advertisements and even some greedy doctors mislead us. and we started to consume some colorful tablets or capsules or syrups of multivitamin / anti oxidants / calcium…!

It is a true fact that consumption of vitamins that exceeds from what is required can cause overdose and side effects and it is also true that deficiency of vitamins from what is required causes diseases and medical ailments.

Vitamin poisoning, hypervitaminosis or vitamin overdose refers to a condition of high storage levels of vitamin, which can lead to toxicity symptoms. The medical names of the different conditions are derived from the vitamin involved: an excess of vitamin A, for example, is called hypervitaminosis A.

Generally, toxic levels of vitamins are achieved through high supplement intake and not from dietary sources.

Toxicities of fat-soluble vitamins result also can be caused by a large intake of highly fortified foods, but foods rarely deliver dangerous levels of water-soluble vitamins.

Some parents feed their children some tonics unnecessarily. That can cause Mal-developments of children sometime.

Multivitamins can also react with other medications. Reaction to other medications might result in causing allergy, adverse health effects etc.

Iron overuse can lead to iron intoxicity, also referred to as iron poisoning, and which eventually results in a fibrotic situation of the liver known as Hemochromatosis.

This symptoms i m mentioning for examples, there are so many side effects of overdose of Vitamin and such supplements.

Well one always should take advise of doctors before consuming any of medication- THAT’S THE RULE.

Second thing is that , Eat good Food, as our food is the best source of Vitamin, calcium n minerals. Then why we should be dependent on capsules n tablets.

Go for natural sources, Ayurveda define so many herbs and herbal combination for this things.

Herbal-  natural – Ayurveda medicines are far far better and safe as compare to Laboratory made Synthetic vitamin n mineral supplements .

Consult your Ayurveda doctor for such things.

Multivitamin tablets are beneficial for those who need them and thus, should be taken under doctors advice. Multivitamin tablets generally is asked to be taken only for a specified period of time. So, the next time you are about to pop a tablet just like that, remember the side effects you might be face later.


Garudasan – An Eagle Posture Yoga

Its standing balancing type of yoga.

Garuda = the mythic “king of the birds,” the vehicle of Vishnu.

The word is usually rendered into English as “eagle,” though according to one dictionary the name literally means “devourer,” because Garuda was originally identified with the “all-consuming fire of the sun’s rays.”

How to do —>>>

  • Stand in Tadasana. Bend your knees slightly, lift your left foot up and, balancing on your right foot, cross your left thigh over the right. Point your left toes toward the floor, press the foot back, and then hook the top of the foot behind the lower right calf. Balance on the right foot.
  • Stretch your arms straight forward, parallel to the floor, and spread your scapula wide across the back of your torso. Cross the arms in front of your torso so that the right arm is above the left, then bend your elbows. Snug the right elbow into the crook of the left, and raise the forearms perpendicular to the floor. The backs of your hands should be facing each other.
  • Press the right hand to the right and the left hand to the left, so that the palms are now facing each other. The thumb of the right hand should pass in front of the little finger of the left. Now press the palms together (as much as is possible for you), lift your elbows up, and stretch the fingers toward the ceiling.


  • Stay for 15 to 30 seconds, then unwind the legs and arms and stand in Tadasana again. Repeat for the same length of time with the arms and legs reversed.


Strengthens legs, improves balance, stretches the shoulder.

If you have trouble with the balance, rest your backside on a wall. If you can’t hook the lifted foot around the calf, put a block under the foot instead.


Aging Gracefully

Since centuries, human race is finding the secrets of being young. Everybody wants to look fresh, healthy, wrinkle free and glowing.

Now a day we are watching so many advertise of ointments-lotion-fairness creams which ensure us to stop our aging process.  Market of skin related products is booming at high peak.

But is it real thing to stop aging?? Are their products really works?? Is there quality of products is good as they are charging for it?? So called Ayurveda products are really an ayurvedic preparation??

Well, aging is not superficial process that only limited to skin. Our body, tissues, and organ all – each n every part of body becomes aged as time move on.

I must say that there is no natural or manufactured products in the market that can reverse aging. Some hormone supplements seem to work in slowing down the aging but we are unsure of their side effects in the long run. So the best bet is to accept the notion of aging and age gracefully as oppose to fighting it.

To age gracefully, we must keep in mind that aging has physical, mental, intellectual, and spiritual components. All these components are inter-twined and together they make us a “whole” person.

To focus only on the physical and try to stop or reverse the aging would be going against nature. We can’t stop the process of nature. Aging is law of nature; science gave the name of this process called– Atrophy.

Ayurveda says, we have to balance our body – mind and soul properly to slow down aging. Lets see some Ayurveda tips to aging gracefully—

  • Choose healthy and good food in your routine
  • Know your Prakruti (body constitutes) and make changes in food – habits according to your Prakrutti
  • Remember good food is good supplements, one don’t need to consume unnecessary tablets of vitamin and food supplements
  • Ayurveda mentioned a good habits under label of Dincharya, one should follow them for healthy life
  • Contact your Ayurveda doctor to know in detail abt Ayurveda Lifestyle
  • Detoxify your body with Panchkarma therapy according to advice of your Ayurveda Doctor.
  • No matter what age, we must stay active. Follow a routine of age appropriate exercises and activities.
  • Do yoga and breathing exercise
  • Do your favorite things at least 2 hour in a day to reduce stress and anxiety
  • Spend good time with your family and relatives.
  • Be spiritual and share your emotions with your loved ones
  • Avoid late night parties and do rest in night properly
  • Make your Lifestyle – Habits a healthier one
  • Live in harmony with nature

One should live life such a way that he / she can’t be boar, When we become lazy / boar, assume that you are doing something wrong in your life. Think about simplicity. Don’t make life so complicated.

Anything we are doing here is for a good Life, but if we are not finding any goodness in life, surely we are going on wrong path. See inside your mind, analysis your deeds and make changes to be graceful.

Celebrating 4th Anniversary

On 4th September, 2007,

on the auspicious occasion of Janmastami {Birth day of Lord Shri Krishna (Madhav)}, we started our journey to provide Health and Wellness through the strong n natural medium of Ayurveda.

Today “Shree Madhav Smaranam Ayurveda Clinic & Panchkarma Treatment Centre” celebrating its 4th anniversary successfully.

Through all this years we established our name as a trusted symbol in the Ayurveda treatments field, this happened only due to divine blessings of Lord Shree Dhanvantari, My Guru ji and My Parents-n family members.

We may not reach here without love and support of all friends, colleagues, Doctors n all known-unknown person who are attached with Ayurveda and our institutes.

I must thanks to every person for supporting and strengthen us. I thank to all our clients and Patients who had put their valuable trust on us and make us up to this mark.

I must say that this is the beginning of our journey, here at our clinic we always try to give best of Ayurveda. To give this best, I need support from all of you, and hope this support, love and care will be continue in following years.

I pray to Lord Dhanvantari to provide us health and wealth by all means. JayDhanvantari, Jay Ayurveda.