Ayurveda Mock tails

Recently when I visited to some restaurants, they start providing some new drinks called “Mock tails”. A new trend is entering, particularly in Indian Restaurants.

Of course, I also attracted to that very vibrant eye catchy colored juices and nice beautiful glasses. The servant is making the mock tails via very interesting way. Very immediate response of mine was “yah, I want to try it”, and that response is not my only, everybody craves to have it.

I grab the Menu card and start to look on the types of Mock tails. A big list was there, and in the bracket there is brief description was also mentioned.

With my big surprises, I found the description little awkward.  I mean, they had given very nice – poppy names to each type o mock tails. But what about its combinations?

Well, some dishes contain flavored soda and ice cream, some contain mixture of fruits juices with milk, and some contain soda + fruit juices and milk and so on…!

All this combination is not good for health. Ayurveda science say strictly “no” to some combinations of foods. By coming together their qualities acts as a poison in body. Such combinations of two or more substances which are not having an affinity for each other is called as Virrudha Aahar in Ayurveda.

Sour tasted fruits with milk, soda with milk / ice cream, fruits with milk, Fruits with soda, flavored synthetic syrup with milk / soda all these are strongly not advisable.

Such food give rises to many chemical reactions in our body which can n ot be visualized soon, they affects cellular body built, blood and their chemical constitutes. And Later after long time one may develops skin diseases, genetic disturbances, swellings on limbs, Blood impurities, poor skin complexion, Psoriasis, hair problems and so on.

Some of this food directly acts on digestive system and liver causing anorexia, colitis, vomiting, poor digestion, lack of digestive enzymes etc.

So according to me we should not attracted by poppy eye catchy names of such dishes. Mock tail concept is good one actually. There is good combinations are available in markets. But such wrong combination and dishes should be avoided.

Its our duty to be careful for our health, everything that we eat in air conditioned and well managed hotels is not best every time.

There are some recipes of some good mock tails; we can make some Ayurveda mock tails also which are tasty as well as healthy also.

Lets see some healthy mock tails—

  • Thandai Mock-tail

Its best ancient and finest recipe of Mock-tail . Some used to add Bhang in it, but that’s not good for health.

Grind together almonds, cashew nuts, pistachios, melon seeds with a little milk to a fine paste. Bring milk to a boil in a pan. Add saffron and mix. When the milk begins to boil adds sugar and simmers till the sugar melts. Grind green cardamoms, dried rose petals, cinnamon and black peppercorns to a fine powder. Add the paste to the milk and mix well. Simmer for three to four minutes. Add the powdered masala to the milk and mix well. Chill the milk and serve

Its coolant, very energetic and Healthy mock tail.

  • Mamgo Panna – A raw Mango Mock tail

All details about this tasty-yummy Mock-tails is posted here at blog previously. See here–>


  • Coolant Mock tail

Chop the white pumpkin, carrot and beetroot into cubes. Blend in a juicer. Strain the juice. Stir in the khus and rose petal juices. Garnish with rose petals.

It Increases iron content, has a cooling effect on the body. Good for health.

  • Green herbal Mock tail

Soak Fennel seeds and Coriander in a water for 2hours. Mix them well in juices, extract the juice ater. Add Lemon and Grapes juice in it. Mix well. Add sugar for taste. Serve with ice cubes.

The qualities of fennel seeds ( variyali / sanuf) is already posted in detain on this blog.


And this combination is helpful in urine infection, burning sensation in urine, increase digestive enzymes, helpful to digest the food, and useful in Pitta dosha diseases.

  • Melon Mock tail

Chop the watermelon and musk melon and blend in a juicer. Add grapes and lemon juice. Stir well. Garnish with a piece of watermelon. Relish it.

Watermelon is a natural source of the most powerful antioxidants provided by nature. It is a good source of vitamins C and A, and is rich in electrolytes, sodium and potassium, which we lose through perspiration. Muskmelon has a significant amount of dietary fibre, making it good for those suffering from constipation.

  • Appetizer Mock tails

Blend the sweet lime in a juicer. Make a fine puree of amla, chopped mint leaves and add to the sweet lime juice. Add the ginger juice in little amount. Add cardamom powder. Shake all the ingredients together and serve.

This cooling mock tail is good for digestion. It is loaded with vitamin C, which boosts immunity. It will increase your digestive fire and improve digestion.

All these Mock tails are very healthy….tasty and yummy….! You can make them at home also. Always enjoy the food which is good for your health, don’t consume them just because its good in look or taste. Some simple habits makes your life healthy living.


How to consume Water?

Water is very essential part of our life. But many myths are there about water consumption to confuse us nowadays. We drink a lot of water. There are always water glasses on the table at meal times and in some households – mine, for instance – there is even a superstition about drinking a glass of water before you leave the home.

According to Ayurveda, one should consume the water only when a person feels thirsty. It’s a general rule. Excessive or unnecessary intake of water decreases your digestive fire and thus causes indigestion.

Excess intake heavily dilutes digestive juices, known as enzymes. Diluted digestive enzymes are not able to disintegrate the food properly; as a result food remains semi digested. This semi digested food is known as ‘Aama’ in Ayurveda.

Ayurveda suggests—-  “स स्थूल कृश: भुक्तमध्यअन्तप्रथमअम्बुपा: ”

  • One who want to put a weight should consume water after food,
  • one who want to lose weight should consume water b4 food and
  • ONE WHO WANTS TO REMAIN HEALTHY SHUD TAKE WATER SIP BY SIP (not excessive) WHIL TAKING MEAL! As this can help bolus-food 2pass easily, it maintain your taste n saliva properly, most imp, it can help in digestion process.

नाम्बु पेयमशक्त्या वा स्वअल्पाग्निगुल्मिभि: I
पाण्डु अतिसार अर्श ग्रहाणि शोष: शोथिभि: I

Ayurveda suggests to drink water according to intake capacity if individuals, its different of every individuals. Excessive intake of water can be cause of swellings, anemia, diarrhea, Piles, colitis and so many diseases.

You can take butter milk instead of water as fresh buttermilk also a good appetizer and can be best for digestive system.

Mostly bottled water is purified but they are closed in plastic bottles for long time, its old water. Adverse effects of such plastics are well known through researches.  We can’t remove the effects of time on bottled water. Bottled water can be heavy for digestion.”पर्युषितं तु त्रिदोष्कृत:I ”

Now Question comes, Is water can be heavy in digestion??? Yes…of course. Old water can be.

Try to consume boiled water, and don’t reheat boiled water.

There is absolutely no scientific basis for the view that water improves your skin.
There is no connection between water and weight loss. No matter how much water you drink, it will not help you lose weight.

The claim that lots of water “flushes out toxins” from your body has no medical foundation at all.

When our bodies need water, we feel thirsty. If you don’t feel thirsty, it is usually because you do not need water.

A new trend is here now, “Mineralized Water”…there is no need of extra minerals in our body, as our body take all minerals from our food. Excessive minerals also cause so many problems in our body.

Consume room temperature water instead chilled or hot water.

In my routine counseling with patients, I found some people that they used to consume 2-3 glasses of water by empty stomach in morning time. It’s very dangerous for our body, it decreases the digestive fire. It’s very bad habit.

Like wise some people consume water which is kept overnight in copper container. If the copper container is not cleaned properly, there shud be deposition of copper sulphate in it n dats very poisonous.There is no scientific evidence which shows any benefits of  drinking water from copper container.

Ayurveda is the great science where all tiny but important things are described. Simple intake of water is wrong then how we can be healthy?? Ayurveda gives so good explanations of diet and lifestyle in ancient texts.

Consult your Ayurveda doctor and seek such advises from them. Its our lifestyle and habits that causes the diseases. So take care of yourself by accepting the simple rules of Ayurveda and Mother Nature, And be healthy by all means.

Avoid Health Possessiveness

 Possessiveness of being healthy or phobia of illness both are very dangerous factors nowadays. Nowadays we people tends to become over possessive for their health and related matters.

We are watching and examining such patients in our routine consulting schedule. Recently a 32 yr old lady came to my clinic; she was suffering from mild chest pain since 3 months. Before my consulting she did self medication advised by her family friend but didn’t felt any relief. Then she suspects her illness as a big diseases and went to hospital where she pas through various and so many investigation and reports. But everything was normal, but she had still doubt, and so again she went to another diagnostic centre and done all the investigations again. Thus she did so many unnecessary expenses and took unnecessary medication also.

Another case is of possessiveness of being healthy, a 40 yr old man taking 4 different medications for Digestion, Heart trouble and to increase his memory power. Though he was totally healthy and don’t have related problems then also he wanna keep himself healthy.

Nowadays there is high flow of health related articles in news papers / on internet and everywhere, one just read it and starts following the so called “tips” for Healthy body. All this articles are for awareness, don’t follow them blindly. Always Consult the Ayurveda doctors and seek advise properly.

Some people think a lot if they don’t pass the stool in the morning.  And they become nervous, starts consuming medication n so on. Whole day they will think about their indigestion and finding the cause why they didn’t urge to pass the stool.  Sometime it seems funny but phobia of being ill or over cautious about your health leads to mental disorders like anxiety, depression, and anger and so on.

One must take some caution of their health. But possessiveness or over cautious is dangerous for health. Some people tend to take multivitamins capsules every day. Overdose of vitamins and such medicines  are very dangerous for the health.  Some have doubt that they have cancer or aids or colitis or such big disease when they got simple fever or stomach ache or some little health problems.

It’s very true that one should take care of their health, But not this way. We must follow some rules of Day-night and seasons, that is described very nicely in Ayurveda Science under heading of Dincharya and Rutucharya.

We must be punctual in our lifestyle; we must improve our habits to improve our health. And by this way we can live better healthy life. We must do yoga, Pranayam and exercise every day. Ayurveda is science where it teaches how to be healthy for long time. And Ayurveda describes various way to improve our Quality of life.

So go and consult your Ayurveda doctor to improve your health naturally, take medication according to their prescriptions and give them follow up regularly.

For Healthy life, always avoid self medication, don’t be over possessive for your health, but be cautious for your health. Take care….!

Hair Fall – White hair – unhealthy hair

White hair in very younger age and Hair fall is the most common problem nowadays. So many youngsters complaining such things.

It’s a lifestyle disorder actually. The lifestyle—how we are living, what our habits and what we are thinking —this entire things play imp role on our health.

Late rise in morning, late night parties, Junk food consumption, Spicy – oily food, innutritious food, anger, stress – all these factors leaves bad impact on hair.

Very simple but if your sleep is not proper then also your hair may become brittle, white n tends to fall also.

Well all this are causative factors which affects your hair from inside the body…! Some factors are there, which play imp role for hair fall n white hair.

Excessive uses of chemicals, soaps, harsh shampoos, colors, hair dye, hair gel, straitening chemicals, conditioners, and etc so many things we are using in routine life. Unnecessarily and frequent use of such things can harm your hair very badly.

We just go to shop by watching attractive advertises and start using them without any sense. Instead of that we must consult our Ayurveda doctor to know the hair type. In Ayurveda there are so many herbal medications which can be suitable for different types of hairs.

Mind well, only one product doesn’t suits each and every hair problems. One should know his/her hair type and then according to that Ayurveda doctor prescribes you a medicated Hair oil /Hair Shampoo /Hair Packs to apply on hair. For various problems there are so many Hair packs n Oil etc available at our clinic also.

Hair packs are of different types. It’s for oily hair / dry hair / split hair / white hair / hair fall n etc. The choice of herbs in the combination plays imp role, and the choice is part of expert Ayurveda doctors.

Likewise Hair oils are of different types. One should choose the oil according to his/her hair types.

Avoid above factors which I mentioned to preserve the health of your hair, along with that consume good food like Milk, Figs, Green Vegetables, Amala Churn, and the other food which is rich in vitamin /calcium and nutrition. All types of nutritious food is essentials. Do consult your doctors and take more advise in Herbs and Food also.

Some Panchkarma like shirodhara / Nasyam / Basti / and other therapies are also makes your hair healthy n lustrous like never before. Ayurveda have power to do so.  Meditation / Yoga and Pranayam also helps to reduce hair fall.

So don’t just attract by advertises, Change your lifestyle and change your food for better health….! Something bad we have to leave for some good things.