Feel depressed in Rainy days?

The black clouds are in the sky, wind is blowing and atmosphere is cool..! Suddenly rain start pounding outside with flashes in the sky. Your wife or your friends may be like the atmosphere and demand to go for outing with you.

But what’s this???

You are feeling depressed….n you are out of mood??? Feeling lazy, or angry without any reason or you are not finding anything interesting???

Yes, may be this mood disturbance are felt by you due to disturbance of nature’s schedule or more precisely, your body till not get used to with new season and atmosphere.

Some people tend to feel serious and sudden mood change as the season changes, particularly in the monsoon where sunlight is low due to cloudy sky. A Sanskrit line I remember here, it says – “ तमसो मा ज्योतिर्गमय I  “  means, one is praying to god- let us move from deep darkness to light…!

Its human behavior or we can say its nature of human being to stay happy in light – sunny area. It’s not compulsory that every individual feel such symptoms, but now a day such cases are increasing. Here at our clinic we are treating such patients recently.

Now some researches also proved, that low sun rays or cloudy atmosphere in  leads to mood disturbances due to chemical imbalances in brain which leads to depression, Anger, loss of interests, low energy level, more craving of eating food, feeling sleepy whole day, Depression, stress, Headache, nausea  etc various mental problems. We can put all these symptoms under a Label as a “SAD”– Seasonal Affective Disorder.

Ayurveda have very good treatments for such problems. A proper counseling, social supports, Motivation, some herbal Medication according to body constitutes and Therapies like Shirodhara, Nasya and Abyang are very beneficial to such patients.  Yoga and Pranayam are beneficial for these people. Moreover, Ayurveda science suggests Rutucharya, a detailed topics is discussed on the “don’ts “ and ‘Do’s “ in the particular season. The behavior changes according to Rutucharya adjust your body and mind to that particular season.

Stress management can be done nicely by Ayurveda Science. Ayurveda can rebuilt your self esteem, and make you strong mentally as well as physically. So if you feel so in such atmosphere, consult your Ayurveda doctor, he will guide you and you will be no more SAD in such enjoyable season.


2 thoughts on “Feel depressed in Rainy days?

  1. verynice work sir…………… as clearly mentioned in charak samhita sutra sthan chapter 6 shalok no. 36 to 40 VARSHA RITU CHARYA…………………….. it should b included in this article.

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