Long Healthy life

We always seek long life…But we r missing something…

We should seek long Healthy life…! Here Word ‘Healthy’ matters a lot.

Unhealthy long life is very miserable. Ayurveda Science is created long ago to make life of mankind Healthy for longtime…! One simple but most affordable thing dat Ayurveda suggests for healthy long life is—>>  Eat less,or more precisely- eat what u need. Overeating is big cause which comes between us n Health. So eat less, eat good, if eat more den digest them by Yoga and exercise and Live long…HEALTHY LIFE…!


Food is our Medication

Ancient Ayurveda says one good line, its like this –>>

“रोग आहर संभव: शरीरस्तु अन्नपानमूला II”

It means, our food is essential conent of body, Our body built up on food and unwanted/bad food creates various diseases in our body.

So choose your food wisely and be healthy.Consume food as a Medication so you dont need to take medicines. Ayurveda not only teaches how to treat the diseases but it says us how to maintain our Health nicely.


Do’s and Dont’s -for Good Digestion

Now a days in our hectic busy life schedule we hardly find the time for our health, even we dont notice that which types of food we are eating. Resulting in various gastric troubles,Acidity, Stomach heaviness, Gastritis, Bad indigestion, gastric upsets and ultimately fall in love with DISEASES.

So here i m putting simple tips, so that your tummy can stay happy…!


  • Eat when you crave
  • Ayurveda recommends to eat when your earlier food is digested
  • consume water/buttermilk sip by sip while having a food
  • Be relaxed and stress free while consuming food
  • Consume all types of tastes , dont be choosy about food
  • Drink coconut water during a day, which is helpful for your stomach
  • Take fresh fruits everyday
  • Take last meal at least 3 hour before bed time
  • walk 100 steps after consuming a food
  • Always see expiry date on food packets
  • Read nutritious facts on food packets,  every time low caloric food is not good for your health
  • Seek Advise of your Ayurveda consultation before taking any food supplements or Mediation for your upset digestion.

Good digestion start from good food. Choose Good food in the routine diet.Here i am including chart of Food Pyramids, recommends all over the world, But Ayurveda recommends to consume food according to your appetite,  ther must be some modification according to age, gender and Body constitutes. This chart shows ideal things, but may vary person to person also.So seek Your Ayurveda Physician’s advice also.


  • Don’t eat uncooked food, mostly they r heavy in digestion
  • Don’t over eat, eat what u desire from inside
  • Don’t’ eat fast, chew your bolus properly, lets saliva ix with it properly
  • Don’t consume Alcohol or any drinks before or after food
  • Avoid so much spices
  • Don’t eat while walking or talking on phone
  • Don’t consume plenty of water before or after food
  • Don’t do exercise immediate after having a food
  • Don eat fruits or ice-creams or sweets after meal
  • Don’t sleep immediately after meal, take rest but dont sleep
  • If possible , avoid to consume packed / tinned /processed food
  • Don’t Reheat the food, as its destroy d nutritious values

Applying Face-Packs ia an ‘Art’

Applying Face-pack is an art.

Its very important to choose right Face-Pack and its more important to know the methods of applications.

Only Ayurveda recommends to apply it with various methods, it suggests various types of Face-packs ( a unique combination of Herbs) according to types of skin / diseases / body part .

Face-Pack is not only applicable on Face, Ayurveda recommends so many Body-packs also. In ancient times, Applying herbal body pack is part of regular lifestyle.

According to skin type and diseases Face-pack is applied as a thick or thin layers. In some diseases one should kept it only till its wet on body and should remove it as soon  as it get dry. Or some ‘lepas’ are applied overnights also.

In our routine regular life, generally we apply herbal face-packs for glowing n spot free skin.

Generally we just choose XYZ face-packs from markets. But do we know that its good or suitable for our skin type? No. One must use the Face-Pack according to his/her skin types and Disesases.(i.e. Oily, dry, mix, pimple prone, diseases of pitta / vata or kapha etc).

Acharya Sushrut (शुश्रुतचार्य ) gave proper description of applying ‘aalep’ n ‘Pralep’ (face-pack) in detail in sanhita.

तत्र प्रतिलोममालिपेत I
प्रतिलोमे हि सम्यक  औषध अवतिष्ठे अनुप्रविषति च

रोम्कुपन स्वेदवहिभिश्च सिरमुखैर्विर्यं प्राप्नोति II

In General, According to Ayurveda-

Face Pack (for glowing skin) should be applicable as a very thin layer.And it should removed as soon as it get dry.

One should apply the face-pack against the direction of hair, so that penetration of medication in skin will be easy n quick. N by this method, medicine will works nicely on sweat glands, skin pores and capillaries.

One should not keep it for more then 10 mins / or according to suggestion of Ayurveda doctors, as when it get dry, its advisable to remove it, after that it can cause stretching of skin,resulting sagging and very dry skin. Dried face-pack is no useful and painful also.

न च शुष्यमन्मुपेक्षेत, अन्यत्र पीडयित्वात I
शुष्को हि अपार्थको रुककर्षच II

Sometime some Face-Packs are types of scrubbing, so dont apply such packs everyday. Use it weekly or according to your skin type. Excessive use of scrubber can be harmfull for your skin,it will erose outer layer of your skin and it will remove necessary moisture from skin also.

Mostly Body packs and Face Packs is useful in blood n Pittaj diseases. Its useful to heal the wounds also.  It removes necrosis of tissues ( पूति मास ) if used properly.

Such herbal Ayurveda Face/Body packs purify the skin, decrease the itching, redness, and burning sensation . Its effects to not only skin n blood, but it effects on deeper tissues also.

Some time some packs are useful to decraese the swellings and Pain in the body, diseases such as lumbago, spinal injuries, Sciatica , We are usually prescribe some Medicinal Body-pack to apply to relieve pain n swellings.

Avoid applying the face pack near the eye area, since the skin here is very sensitive and thin. One should not apply it in night time usually.

न च आलेपं रात्रौ प्रयुज्येत I
न च पर्युषितं लेपं कदाचित् अव्चार्येत I
उपर्युपरि लेपं तु न कदाचित् प्रलेपयेत II
न च तेनैव लेपेन प्रदेहं दापयेत पुन: I
शुष्कभावत्स निर्विर्यो युक्तो अपि स्याद् पार्थक : II

Apply packs immediately after making it wet. Dont reuse it.

If one medicine-pack  is applied , den dont apply again fresh pack on  it. Let it dry, remove it n if necessary den apply again. Overlapping will be not useful.

Once medicine become dry, discard it. Dont use it again again n again.

Choice of Herbs combination is again a things of experts, so seek your physicians advice to get maximum benefits of Face-Packs.So seek your Ayurveda Doctor’s advise before buying / applying any Face-Packs.