Tips to Quit Tobacco n Smoking

Because nicotine is so addictive, it is very hard to stop smoking. But you can. The single most important factor for people who successfully quit smoking was the belief and confidence that they could do it. There is no magical quick fix. Do it when you really decide you want to do it.

Do you know whats the disadvantages of smoking and chewing tobacco???  


  • Smoking and tobacco use affect reproduction and fertility. Research shows that men who smoke have lower sperm counts, and the sperm they do have is often misshapen and has a harder time moving—making conceiving more difficult.
  • Experts also believe smoking affects sperm DNA which may lead to developmental and physical health problems in a child.
  • For women who are pregnant and still smoking, you are damaging the health and future health of your unborn child. Babies born to mothers who smoke are about 30 percent more likely to be born prematurely, and those who do make it full term are more likely to have a low birth weight. Babies born to mothers who smoked during pregnancy are also at a greater risk of sudden infant death syndrome and many more side effects are there of tobacco….

Your body reacts aggressively when you suddenly stop smoking. This is because your body gets used to the addictive substances found in tobacco such as nicotine and tar. For this reason, Ayurveda advocates fortifying your body to fight the strong urge of smoking.

Tobacco cravings can wear you down when you’re trying to quit smoking or chewing tobacco. Delaying, avoiding triggers, yoga and nicotine replacement are among the ways to resist cravings.

For most tobacco users, tobacco cravings or urges to smoke can be powerful. But you’re not at the mercy of these tobacco cravings. When an urge to use tobacco strikes, remember that although it may be intense, it will be short-lived, and it probably will pass within a few minutes whether or not you smoke a cigarette or take a dip of chewing tobacco. Each time you resist a tobacco craving, you’re one step closer to stopping smoking or other tobacco use for good. But it can be difficult.

Ayurveda Approach —>>>

Ayurveda does not rely on one or two techniques.
– It combines as many as possible and addresses the life of the entire person — body, mind and spirit. Ayurveda views the roots of addictions as mental inertia, which is caused by excess mental activity.
– An addiction grows because we attempt to calm these excesses through artificial, external means (drugs, food, tobacco etc.) rather than through natural or holistic measures. If one is anxious, angry, worried, impatient, lethargic or uncaring, Ayurveda sees this as an excess of one of the three basic Dosha (Vata, Pitta, Kapha).

Some Dietary Tips –

  • Do your very best to stay away from alcohol, sugar and coffee the first week or longer, as these tend to stimulate the desire for a cigarette. Avoid fatty foods, as your metabolism will slow down a bit without the nicotine, and you may gain weight even if you eat the same amount as before quitting. So discipline about diet is extra important now. No one ever said acquiring new habits would be easy!
  • Take vegetarian low fat diet to increase the Sattvic quality of mind
  • Reduce having acidic foods. Meat, dairy products, tea, coffee, pasta, breads etc. are acidic food. Increase your intake of alkaline food. Vegetables, fruits, nuts, sprouts etc. are alkaline foods. Raisins, beets, lima beans, dandelion, etc. are particularly good for giving up smoking.
  • Take lots of vitamin C. Smokers should take about one-and-a-half times the amount of vitamin C as compared to nonsmokers. Citrus fruits, like oranges, grapefruits and their juice are good source of vitamin C.
  • Sweet foods in small quantities reduce the urge for smoking. Take honey in whatever food you can have- juice, tea (preferably herbal tea), sweet dishes, etc.
  • Whenever the urge to smoke overpowers you, have something salty or lick a little salt with the tip of your tongue. This kills your urge for smoking.
  • Take some radish. Grate it and extract its juice. Now add some honey to this and have this juice twice a day. It will increase your body’s resistance against smoking.
  • Chew liquorice (mulethi). It is a good substitute of cigarette when you feel like smoking. Its slight sweet taste also helps killing your urge. It will also relieves you off your smoker’s cough. Alternatively, you can also chew on sugarcane stubs.
  • massage with aromatic oils also relax you and curb the urge for smoking.
  • Fragrance really go a long way to create an atmosphere where the thought of smoking can’t enter. Take the herbal extracts- cedar, lavender, lemon, orange, and tea tree – mix them with water. Use the mixture as an air spray.

Some tips to  to help you resist the urge to smoke or use tobacco, no matter where you are:-

  1. Delay. If you feel like you’re going to give in to your tobacco craving, tell yourself that you must first wait 10 more minutes and then do something to distract yourself for that period of time. This simple trick may be enough to derail your tobacco craving. Repeat as often as needed.
  2. Don’t have ‘just one.’ You might be tempted to have just one cigarette to satisfy a tobacco craving. But don’t fool yourself into believing that you can stop at just one. More often than not, having just one leads to another, then another — and you may wind up using tobacco again.
  3. Avoid triggers. Urges for tobacco are likely to be strongest in the situations where you smoked or chewed tobacco most often, such as at parties or bars, in the car or while watching television. Identify your trigger situations and have a plan in place so that you can avoid them entirely or get through them without using tobacco. Don’t set yourself up for a smoking relapse. If you usually smoked while you talked on the phone, for instance, keep a pen and paper nearby to occupy yourself with doodling rather than smoking.
  4. Get physical. Physical activity can help distract you from tobacco cravings and reduce the intensity of cravings. Just 30 minutes of moderate physical activity can make a tobacco craving go away. Get out for a walk or jog. If you’re stuck at home or the office, try squats, deep knee bends, push-ups, running in place, or walking up and down a set of stairs a few times. If physical activity doesn’t interest you, try prayer, needlework, woodwork or journaling. Or do chores for distraction, such as vacuuming or filing paperwork.
  5. Practice relaxation techniques. In the past, smoking may have been your way to deal with stress. Trying to resist a tobacco craving can itself be stressful. Take the edge off stress by practicing relaxation techniques. These include deep-breathing exercises, muscle relaxation, yoga, visualization, hypnosis and massage.
  6. Call reinforcements. Touch base with a family member, friend or support group member for moral support as you struggle to resist a tobacco craving. Chat on the phone, go for a walk together or simply share a few laughs — or get together to commiserate about your cravings.
  7. Remember the benefits of quitting. Write down or say out loud the reasons you want to stop smoking and resist tobacco cravings. These might include feeling better, getting healthier, sparing your loved ones from secondhand smoke or saving money. And if you’re a closet smoker, you may save hours of time since you no longer have to spend time trying to conceal your habit.
  8. Go online. Join an online stop-smoking program. Or read a quitter’s blog and post encouraging thoughts for someone else who might be struggling with tobacco cravings. Learn from how others have handled their tobacco cravings.
  9. Try nicotine replacements. Try a nicotine replacement product instead of a cigarette. Some types of nicotine replacement therapy, including patches, gums and lozenges, are available over-the-counter. Nicotine nasal spray and the nicotine inhaler are available by prescription, as are the stop-smoking medications bupropion (Zyban) and varenicline (Chantix).

Remember, trying something to beat the urge is always better than doing nothing. And each time you resist a tobacco craving, you’re one step closer to being totally tobacco-free.
These tips are such that can be done without much effort- the only thing is your willpower that will lead you to take the first step, then the second and so on. Wish you all the luck in your healthy mission of quitting smoking!



Ayurveda aspect of Herb- Fennel Seeds / Saunf / Variyali

In India, Fennel seeds is known as Saunf / Badi saunf / Variyali.

It is widely used as a mouth freshener.People used to take it after meal.

Its highly aromatic and flavorful herb.

Well, Fennel seeds have great importance in Ayurveda also.Lets see it—>

अग्निमद्यहरी रुद्य बद्ध विट् कृमि शक्रह्युत I
रूक्ष उष्ण पाचनी कास वमि श्लेष्म अनिल हरेत II

Very important factor of Fennel seed is its increase your appetite.It very useful to digest your food.It have carminative property also,it digest the food very well and avoid constipation also.

Its widely used for new born babies as a gripe water.So many patent medication n Ayurveda formulation contain fennel seed juice or oil.It helps babies to digest d food nicely.It is useful to eradicate worms also.

Consumption of Fennel seeds avoid flatulence, Gases, Gastric discomfort etc.

It is coolant for stomach, Fennel seed juice widely used as home made remedy to beat heat in summer.

The juice is good in hyper acidity, heart burn etc. Its acts as blood purifier also.

In summer, due to extra heat Pitta dosha aggravates in body, resulting boils on skin, Pimples, Rashes, Acidity, indigestion, vomiting, feverish feelings, thirsts, sunstroke, burning micturation etc.

To avoid such things, one can chew 2 – 3 grm churna or seeds everyday or one can consume juice along with sugar everyday.

Ayurveda recommends it in cough also.

Ancient Romans regarded fennel as the herb of sight. Root extracts were often used in tonics to clear cloudy eyes. Extracts of fennel seed have been shown in animal studies to have a potential use in the treatment of Glaucoma.

Fennel seeds is best home made remedy to increase Brest milk also.

If taken in more quantity it can aggravates Vata and Pitta dosha.And can be harmful for semen n its quality.So dont use it in major quantity.Use it after knowing ur body constitutes and dats also after advise of Ayurveda Doctor.Because, every person is unique and there is unique combination of herbs for every individuals.

But one can take in small quantities and can enjoy its aromatic flavor everyday.One who is addicted to tobacco and such bad habits, dey can chew fennel seeds to avoid tobacco.

Do this to slow down aging process

To slow down ageing process,do dis 8 things,

1) be regular in routine schedule and maintain your lifestyle.
2) do medical check up of ur body regularly (hemoglobin level,x ray,urine-blood test) and follow your physician doctor’s advice properly.
3) Dont consume medicines unnecessarily n without doctors advise.
4) Consume sufficient protein n iron. Add fresh fruits n green veg in diet.Always avoid overnight food/junk food.Do take anti oxidants in your food to b healthy.
5) Consume enough water as pr your body need.Keep your body hydrated so cells n tissue can work properly.
6) Always maintain your BMI between 19 to 24. Do exercise, yoga n pranayam everyday.
7) Do your favorite activities at least 1hr/day.(like your hobby,swimming,painting,etc…
8) Go for herbal,natural n Ayurveda medicines.(Dont take any kind of medicines without your physician doctor’s advice.)
Be natural and Be healthy!

Baddha Padmasana Yoga Posture

This is a variation of Padmasan – Lotus posture.

This asana is not meant for meditation. This is chiefly meant for health-improvement and for making the body strong. This asana is difficult to perform. Those who are unable to practise this asana should not be disappointed. They should patiently try to accomplish the final position.

How to do Baddha Padmasana :
Sit in Padmasana with legs crossed. The heels should touch the lower part of the abdomen. Swing the right arm behind the back of the shoulder and bring the hand near the left hip. Catch the left big toe. Similarly, swing the left arm and hold the right big toe. If you experience difficulty in holding the toes, bend slightly forward and make it convenient to hold the big toes. After catching the toes, sit erect as before and breathe normally. Stay in this position for one or two minutes in the initial stage. Gradually, increase the time till you can stay in the position for ten minutes.

Health Benefits of BADDHA PADMASANA Yoga:
  • In this asana, the weight of the body is borne by the knees and the ankle-joints, so the joints of the legs become strong.
  • Both the heels of the legs get sufficient exercise.
  • The continuous practice of this asana helps the person to gradually overcome the weakness of the heart, the lungs, the stomach, the liver and the spine. Moreover, it reduces the pain in the knees and the ankle-joints.
  • This asana helps to cure ailments like indigestion, flatulence, stomachache, etc.
  • By practicing this asana, one can get all the advantages of Padmasana.

Gulkand / Rose Petal Jam

Gulkand is a sweet preserve of rose petals from India. Gul means flower in both Persian and Urdu whereas qand means sweet in Arabic. Gulqand is commonly used as an ingredient of Paan, a popular dessert and digestive of India, Pakistan and Bangladesh.

Ayurveda said its so many benefits, Though one should take it after Ayurveda doctor’s advise.But its taken widely as a home made remedies in India.


  • Place the rose petals and sugar in layers in a wide-mouthed airtight glass jar.
  • Place this jar in sunlight for 6 hours per day for around 3 to 4 weeks.
  • On alternate days, the contents of the jar should be stirred with a wooden stick.
  • The jar should be kept indoors once done.
  • Other ingredients, such as silver foil, Praval Pishti, cardamom seeds, or Muktapishti (powdered pearl) can be added to increase the cooling properties of the gulkand.(it should be added under observation of doctor or after advise of doctor)

Gulkand Benefits:

  • It reduces hyper-acidity due to its cooling nature. Hence it can be used in treatment of gastric and duodenal ulcers. It helps strengthen the digestive system.
  • It helps in increasing urine output and hence may be given to the individuals who have problem of water retention.
  • Helps reduce the pain during menstruation and can be used as an aid to treat dysmenorrhoea. It is also helpful as an aid in treating white discharge.
  • It helps facilitate digestion and reduces nausea.
  • It helps to prevent acne and foul body odor.
  • It helps heal mouth ulcers if dissolved in water and gargled. It also helps strengthen teeth and gums..
  • It helps increase virility and hence is described as ‘Vrishya’ in Ayurveda. It is proved that the essential oil present in the rose flower has aphrodisiac properties. This could be another reason why rose is associated with love.
  • Rose has conducive effect on heart and hence can be given to patients suffering from various cardiac problems as ‘anupan’ with various other drugs. Gulkand acts as a catalyst and facilitates effective uptake of these medicines by the body and thus help control various heart ailments like palpitation, arrhythmia and hypertension or high blood pressure.
  • It can be used effectively to combat epistaxis (bleeding through the nose) which occurs in some children during warm season.
  • It helps reduce the burning sensation of palms and sole. In severe conditions, Sitopaladi churna should be added.(after Physician’s advice)
  • It helps reduce stress as it has calming effect on the nervous system.
  • If consumed in small amount it helps reduce the frequency of motions but acts as a laxative if taken in large quantities. Hence it can be used to treat both loose motions as well as constipation.
  • Other substances added in it like corals or pearls are good sources of calcium and help strengthen the bones. Small quantities of silver is also added which is potent metal to increase the intellectual capacity.
  • It can be used to reduce side effects of allopathic drugs such as antibiotics, anticancer drugs etc.

Recommended dose:

  • 1 tsp. in the morning, afternoon and evening, after food. Total 10-12 grams a day on a regular basis.
  • It can be used to make sweet meals, milk shakes or used as a filling for cakes and pastries.
  • You will not have to run behind the children to give them their morning dose of this refreshing summer tonic. Chances are that they will be pestering you to give them some more of it.

Contra indications: Diabetic patients with high level of Blood sugar should consume it only after the advice of their personal Vaidya or diabetologists only.