Love ur work – Love ur Health

Love your work to be succeed…Love ur Body to be Healthy…!

Work Hard to get success…Work out regularly to get in shape of your body…!

Do good Work-Karma to succeed…Take Good Food to be healthy…!


Stay Healthy

Get up….Do exercise…Be tough…Mold your body…

-Burn your excessive fat…Appetite your hunger…

Eat well…Sleep Well…Stay Healthy–VERY WELL…!

Keep yur smile with all ur might…Saty upbeat…

A cloudy day is no match for a sunny mind set…Rise and Grind…!

God bless all….!

Relish with Mango in this summer

Mango is the king of fruits…

Its said that, eating mango in the summer n you can fight against all diseases in next year…! Mango is the best thing in the summer to charge yourself. Its energetic fruits…we can say its natural medication to charge your body….!

Eat one mango and after 10mins consume a cup of lukewarm cow’s milk with 1 teaspoon honey everyday in the morning in the summer.This will be one of the bet nutritious diet for you.Relish with it…indulge with its great taste and Enjoy the summer.

Life without good Karma leads to Unhealthy Satus of Body-Mind n Soul…!

Health is the most essential thing in our life.

Complete physical ,mental and spiritual health depicts a complete personality.

The worst enemy of today is worry.

We are all in a really “worried .com”

we are wired to worry about getting power,money,fame etc.

Spirituality is good for your health…for healthy mind and soul…!

Dont be religious..always be spritiual…!

Your body and mind is influenced by your Karma. So good Karma is necessary for Healthy mind and body…

No one can make us happy or sad.It is all in our mind.In this tension era ,We have to pacify our mind.

higher Academic Education we seek is only for materialistic benefits and not to gain more knowledge.

But any educated person without spirituality can’t be happy…..yeah…!

To be healthy forever, we have to renew the body, Rest the mind and rejuvenates the soul…!

Emotional distress, over workaholic schedule can also be painfull physically as well as mentally. And to refresh the mind spirituality- Yoga- Pranayam- Surya namsakar- Meditations is very much important…!

To pacify our mind we too meditate to keep our senses and mind under control.

Life without good Karma leads to Ill health…, an unhealthy satus of body-mind n soul…!

Do Meditation -Yoga, Do good Karma, satisfied yourself, Love yourself, be happy- b healthy by all means—>>>Mentally- Physically…..!Always…!

Man-Work-Machine n Our Happiness

We invent machines – computers… reduce our work load…

If our  work is done by machines quickly n fast then we can spend our valuable  time to our family, friends,God and ourselves…!

So we can enjoy the life at optimum level and can balance our body – mind and soul perfectly so we can stay healthy…!

But things get worsen after Machine and comps came in our life…

Now we r going to spend more time on machines,particularly computers n such gadgets, become more workaholics and doing work almost 24 by 7….!

Time is more important in our life, but now we dont get time due to this computers and machines…!

Its because we are using them wrongly…Its because we forget our goal of life…! Its because in pursuits of  the happiness we forget our inner happiness…..What we are trying to achieve in outer world is already there inside our body.

I don’t say computer and machines should not be in our life…But i m asking to handle it properly, so that we can be balanced Physically as well as mentally.So our life become more healthy..more peaceful…more joyful…

Ayurveda says… ” अति सर्वत्र वर्जयेत II “ means anything in excess can harm us,so avoid excessive use of Computers and Machines….Accept simple rules of mother nature and live life happily…!